Scanpower is a Nigerian-based company mainly involved in the generation and distribution of electric energy in Nigeria. We convey electricity from generating stations and the national grid to the homes and businesses of consumers in the country, Its other services comprise the design, building, development and reconstruction of electrical networks, connection to electrical networks and their maintenance.

A new era has dawned in customer services with the functioning of the Round-the-Clock Customer Service Centre. As a pilot project, this customer service centre will function as a single-window facility where consumers can pay their electricity bills and/or register their day-to-day grievances. Any kind of complaints like wrong billing, defective meters, failure of power supply, low voltage, un-scheduled outages, etc. round the clock can be reported here. These complaints will be taken up by the centre till their grievances are redressed and also written  confirmation is sent.

We aim to promote safe, efficient and environmentally aware use of electricity in our community. We take our responsibility to our community seriously.